Adam Swords has been a Panzera ambassador since 2018. Now famous for his Adam Swords YouTube channel, Adam is in constant search of adventure and life experiences, ranging from free-diving in the Pacific Ocean to driving supercars and exploring the wildest corners of the earth in his off-grid camper van. During his exploits he is accompanied by his dog Diesel, and very often by Panzera watches.
Panzera watches, well suited to a tough lifestyle
“I absolutely love my Panzera watches”, says Adam, “I’ve been wearing them for the longest time. The brand’s owner, Roger Cooper, reached out to me very early on during my work on the Producer Michael channel, he sent me a watch and said, “Look mate, check this watch out, see what you think”. They are beautiful on the wrist, and beautifully-priced. My Panzera’s have lasted me for ever, they’ve survived everything I’ve put them through…”