Every day we meet new customers online or visiting our office, and it is difficult to find a common link between them. They range from doctors, CEOs, students, chefs, sports stars as well as many others. For some a PANZERA is their first real watch and for others it adds to a large collection of Pateks and Rolexes. So as a brand, who do we aim to build our watches for?


One of the key foundations of our brand is to enable more people to become watch enthusiasts by reducing the cost of owning a quality timepiece. Purchasing your first “real” watch can be a daunting and potentially expensive experience. We offer the first time watch buyer a choice of unique high-quality watches, mechanical or quartz, at a very accessible price points – making a PANZERA watch the ideal option.


As watch enthusiasts ourselves, our brand has always focused on producing watches for other like-minded individuals. A watch enthusiast understands what constitutes a quality timepiece. They appreciate the materials, movements, design and craftsmanship that is required to create an exceptional watch. They also seek value and want to be able to afford and experience the joy of owning multiple watches in their life-time. 

At PANZERA we aim to continually create new watches that will inspire in style, quality and affordability so a watch enthusiast would be capable of owning not one but many PANZERA watches.


Also due to affordable price points and rugged designs, a PANZERA is a high-quality watch that can be worn on a daily basis in any situation, without having to worry about the risks associated with wearing more expensive or fragile timepieces.


The watch collector is a type of watch enthusiast that has a special passion for watches that drives them to build a collection of several to even hundreds of timepieces. The types of watches in a collection may include entry level quartz watches all the way up to complicated mechanical timepieces with price tags of tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars and beyond.

We are very pleased to know that we have many PANZERA Club members who are watch collectors and who have multiple PANZERA watches in their collections. The reason PANZERA watches are appealing to watch collectors is because the quality of our timepieces is equal to or better than some of the higher end watches but at a price point that enables them to start or grow their collections quickly.


So as a PANZERA Club member do you fit into any of the groups above? Or do you have your own unique reason for an interest in watches and our brand?  If so, please let us know in the Members Feedback button below!