As one of the fastest growing online watch brands in the world, people are asking who is PANZERA, where did the brand come from, and what does the brand stand for?


In this article we will share the answers to all these questions and highlight our journey from humble beginnings to a leading online watch brand.


PANZERA’s origins began in 2009 when the brands co-founders and friends Roger Cooper and Andrew Herman were discussing their passion for watches over drinks one summer Friday afternoon at the Opera Bar on Sydney harbour. 


Neither of them realised at the time that this casual conversation would lead to the creation of PANZERA; a revolutionary new watch brand that would become internationally recognised for creating quality watches at sensible prices.

Through the combination of Andrew’s Swiss heritage, passion for watch design and international sales skills, together with Roger’s extensive retail and marketing experience the concept for PANZERA was formed. 


PANZERA watches would feature bold contemporary designs matched with high quality assembly, components and materials. Utilising the power of ecommerce and social media PANZERA would have the ability to sell directly to watch enthusiasts, both new and established, at very accessible price points, delivered all around the world within 7 days.


From modest beginnings in Sydney, the first version of the PANZERA Flieger pilot’s watch was created.


Locally designed, assembled and sold mainly to friends, plus a small number of online orders, it paved the way forward.


Today in 2023, with dedicated workshops in both Australia and

Switzerland, PANZERA has sold more than 250,000 watches across multiple collections, in over 100 different countries worldwide.


These have predominately all been sold and supplied through our website direct to the customer.  Behind the scenes a dedicated and passionate team of watchmakers, management and support staff are committed to ensuring the original PANZERA concept and high standards are always maintained.


Every watch upholds the common theme of a powerful bold design that makes a strong statement wherever it is worn.

Our current watch collections are designed around the three conceptual elements of: AIR (Pilots Watches) – LAND (Motorsport Watches) – SEA (Marine/Dive Watches). The PANZERA logo is a navigational star which symbolises exploration of these three domains.