It's not every day you turn 15, and at PANZERA, we're celebrating our journey from our inception in 2009 to now.  Let's take a look!


Time goes so quickly! It's funny to think we started this journey over drinks at the Opera Bar 15 years ago. What began as a casual conversation led to the creation of a brand that values quality and community. Your support has been our driving force.

From the first version of the PANZERA Flieger pilot’s watch in Sydney to becoming an internationally recognized watch brand, our commitment to quality and accessibility has remained unwavering.

Today, with workshops in Australia and Switzerland, PANZERA has sold over 300,000 watches across the globe.


Our inaugural Pilot Watch, the FLIEGER 47 (pictured below), took flight in 2009. A true homage to the original Flieger pilots' watches of the 1930s even maintaining the diamond crown that enabled winding with gloves.

It set the foundation for Panzera's commitment to timeless design.

In 2018, we introduced the Flight Master 45, a modernised Swiss-made pilot's watch using a Swiss ETA movement with a much more contemporary aesthetic. It marked a leap forward in Panzera's journey.

Fast forward to 2021, where this model evolved into our current Flieger model the FLIEGER 46. It quickly established itself as our best selling pilots watch ever and retains the historical link to the original 1930s Flieger watches in styling but also brings a more contemporary feel and function to the design.



Other variations soon followed with the addition of the FLIEGER 46C, our first Pilots Chronograph model, brought precision and style into the limelight. A natural evolution in our pursuit of horological excellence.

Our latest addition, the FLIEGER 45G, a GMT multi-time zone Pilot Watch, showcases Panzera's dedication to innovation. It's a nod to our heritage while embracing the demands of modern timekeeping.


The inaugural Dive Watch, the AQUAMARINE 45, was launced in 2012. Its inpiration was to provide a contemporary dive/marine focused watch that looked classical and stylish enough to be worn everyday and anywhere. From the ocean to the yacht to the boardroom.

It was a huge success and set the foundation for PANZERA's evolution of a full range of AQUAMARINE watches that followed. However, to this day the original AQUAMARINE 45 remains as our best selling model!

In 2014, we introduced the AQUAMARINE 45D or AQUAMARINE PRO DIVER as it was originally called. This was a new design focused on serious diving with a tough sandblasted finished case, separate crown that operates an internal underwater elapsed time bezel and 300m/30ATM water resistance.

Like all our AQUAMARINE designs,  it is a strikingly elegant and versatile time piece that can be worn on any occasion.

Our latest addition to our dive watch family, the AQUAMARINE 45Q, introduces the versatility of a dive chronograph. It's primary focus is for yachting and other maritime sports where the combination of water resistance and elapsed time measurement are essential.

"Absolutely love everything about this watch. Its size, nice clear dial,comfortable strap,nice weight."


Our first motorports watch originated in 2014 as the TIME MASTER 42. It introduced the rectangular skeleton hands that has since become a classic design feature on many of our watches. It was a very contemporary yet minimalistic design that's clear legibility and high contrast dial brought the vibrancy of the racetrack to your wrist.

In 2019 we were proud to introduce the TIME MASTER 45C to our range. This watch has a larger 45mm case that gives it a bold and impressive presence on the wrist. It also has a subsecond (1/4 sec) chronograph function and a Tachymeter for measuring lap times, making it the ideal timepiece for serious drivers, riders, and enthusiasts.

 The TIME MASTER 45C is a watch that combines high quality with a sporty, rugged and functional design.

Our latest addition to our motorsports family the TIME MASTER 43, brings the precision and prestige of being Swiss Made with a Swiss Automatic movement to the range. 

The TIME MASTER 43 is the perfect timepiece for anyone who wants to show off their style both on and off the track. Whether you are a professional racer, a casual enthusiast, or a collector of fine watches, you will appreciate the craftsmanship and quality of this stunning Swiss timepiece.