Our customers and members often comment in their reviews that our watches are of similar quality and style to those 2 to 3 times the price. So how do we continuously achieve such amazing value?


  1. Direct Advertising. The most crucial aspect of our value proposition is you – our customers and members. By signing up to our mailing list (which is why you are receiving this email) and becoming a PANZERA club member, you help us reduce the cost of marketing and advertising our watches. Being able to reach out to you directly without having to advertise on bill boards, television, magazines, or sponsor celebrities for millions of dollars like other watch brands, means we can pass these savings to you as member discounts.

  1. Direct Purchasing. Club members purchase directly from PANZERA who design, manufacture, and distribute the watches end to end.  We do not  pay for expensive stores or distribution channels. Once again, we pass these savings on to you as part of your member discount.

  1. Working together. Purchasing directly from us and minimising our advertising requirements, means we are able to offer our Club members significant discounts. We are effectively working together as a team helping each other create great value watches!


In 2023 we will have new exciting concepts, model releases and announcements to share with our Club members. 


This includes a new customer loyalty program to be launched later this year. A first for the watch industry. This program will offer an array of new benefits for PANZERA club members recognising your continued support for our brand. 


More details will be available shortly, so be sure to stay tuned!