Shipping and Payment

Thank-you for your order. Upon payment of your order you should receive a confirmation email and invoice confirming that we have received your order and it is currently being processed. During this time your order will undergo final inspection, it will be carefully packaged and arranged for despatch. When the order has been despatched you will receive a final email confirming your order has been despatched. Within this email you will also receive your order tracking number and online order-tracking link.

If you do not receive these email confirmations please check your spam or junk email folder or Contact Us.

In the event an order needs to be changed, cancelled or updated, please submit your request via our form located on the Contact Us page and our support team will assist you to make the requested change.

*Please note changes can only be made prior to your order being despatched.


Once your order has been despatched you will receive a despatch confirmation email which contains a link to track your order online.

The majority of orders are shipped from our warehouse located in Sydney Australia. However some of our Swiss Made watches may also be shipped from Switzerland depending on your location.

Please refer to the guide below. Note this is a guide only and times can vary depending on factors such as public holidays or unforseen events. Generally your order will arrive within and sometimes before the estimated timeframes given below.


Order Processing = 1 business day
Shipping = 3-4 business days
Method: Australia Post, Express Post*
* (overnight service to select capital cities within Australia).


Order Processing = 1 business day
Shipping = 5-7 business days
Method: DHL Express

We accept payment by PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ShopPay and all major credit cards.

We also accept payment by instalments via AfterPay in Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand.

All payments are processed by SSL secure payment method.

In the event a refund needs to be issued, it will be processed using the original payment method only.

Since 7th July 2021, the final price calculated and paid at checkout includes all taxes and duties. There are no additional taxes, duties or other charges payable on delivery. i.e. All deliveries are sent duties and taxes paid.

Service/ Repair/ Warranty

Please submit a Service Request using the form found on our Contact Us page.

Your request will be allocated to our support team, and a PANZERA specialist will respond to your request usually within one business day.

Please submit a Service & Repairs Request using the form located at Contact Us.

Your request will be allocated to our support team, and a PANZERA specialist will respond to your request usually within one business day.

Yes. All PANZERA watches come with 2 years International Warranty. This warranty applies only to the first original purchaser, and must be validated by proof of purchase.

The warranty covers manufacturing fault within the specified warranty period.

The warranty does not cover damage to the following wear and tear items:


The warranty does not cover any damage to the watch where it has been used incorrectly or is the direct result of impact by force such as being knocked or dropped.

For more information about the PANZERA warranty please refer to the warranty section in your user manual. Electronic copies of our user manuals can be found here.


Please submit a Service & Repairs Request using the form located on our Contact Us page.

Your request will be allocated to our support team, and a PANZERA specialist will respond to your request usually within one business day and will quote you the price for the repair and/or parts where applicable.

For purchase made directly from PANZERA then your warranty is automatically registered with us and there is no need to register. For purchases made from a PANZERA authorised reseller please submit your Warranty Registration here: Warranty Registration

Panzera watches are made in Australia or Switzerland depending on the watch model. All parts are manufactured in Germany except for the movement (Japan or Switzerland) and the straps. Our watches are designed, assembled, quality tested and despatched from our Sydney workshop, apart from the Swiss collections which are made in our workshop in Ticino Switzerland.

Watch Operation Guide

No, as a general rule it is advisable to avoid wearing your watch in the shower.

The steam produced by hot showers adversely affects the rubber case seals (gaskets) and increases the possibility of condensation and water penetrating the watch case which can cause permanent damage to the movement and watch. It will also reduce the longevity and general effectiveness of the rubber watch seals (gaskets).

Many of the PANZERA watch models use a screw down crown to ensure added water resistance as well as reduce the possibility of damage to the crown and crown stem. For these models it is critical that the crown is always screwed firmly into the case when not adjusting the time or powering the watch.

To power your watch, use the crown (winder knob) by rotating it in a clockwise direction at least 40 full rotations for full power equivalent to approximately 40 hours of continuous operation. You cannot over power the watch so it is ok to continue winding beyond 40 rotations.

If you wear your watch throughout the day the automatic rotor contained in your watch movement will rotate with the movement of your wrist. This gentle movement of the automatic rotor will ensure that the power in your watch is maintained to at least the level that you achieved by winding the watch with the crown.

Yes depending on the model you have. An automatic watch winder is a box that is used to automatically rotate your watch when it is not being worn to maintain the accumulated level of power inside the watch. It is only for watches that have an automatic movement.

Any PANZERA watch that has an automatic movement can we wound on a watch winder. We recommend setting the winder to bi-directional winding with around 600 rotations per day.

Never change the Date setting on a mechanical watch between 11pm – 3:30am as the date wheel inside your watch movement has begun the cycle of moving to the next day. Changes during this time can cause permanent damage to the movement and is not covered under warranty. For this reason it is also recommended to avoid time changes during this period where possible. Always ensure when adjusting the time that you move the hands in a forward (clock-wise) direction.

All PANZERA watches are water resistant. Refer to the back of your watch to identify the water resistant level of your watch shown in ATM (atmospheres). For further information about the water resistance capabilities of your watch refer to your user manual or visit or user manual page: User Manuals

A mechanical automatic watch is a precise instrument and contains many delicate moving parts. Therefore it is not advisable to wear a mechanical watch when carrying out sport or other activities where there is the possibility of prolonged vibration or sudden impact. These factors can cause permanent damage to the watch movement.

Our quartz models are better suited to action sports activities due to the much smaller number of moving parts.

Avoid contact with electro magnetic fields such as clock radios, stereo speakers, microwave ovens and other items that produce magnetic fields as they can interfere with the accuracy of your watch and in some cases cause permanent damage to the movement.

If your watch is running noticeably fast it is possible that it has come into contact with an electro-magnetic field. In this situation please follow the steps below to rectify this issue:

  • Allow the watch to fully power down.
  • Reset the time and fully power the watch
  • Observe the time over the next 1-2 days

If the issue is not resolved after following the above procedure the watch can be de-magnetised by any reputable watch repairer. The process to professionally demagnetise a watch is very simple and takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to perform. The watch should then be observed for at least one day to test.

Your PANZERA watch uses Super-Luminova paint on the hands and indexes to glow at night. This needs to be charged by shining a light source to make it glow. When charged it should continue to glow. for around 5-8 hours.

The multilink integrated metal strap is normally supplied too large for most wrists and will need to have links removed to fit correctly. It important to note that for adjusting the strap:

  • The pins are bi-directional and can be removed from either side of the strap.
  • We recommend you have the strap adjusted by a watch maker or jeweller to avoid potentially damaging or scratching the strap.
  • If you do adjust it yourself please ensure you use the correct pin press.
  • Additional links and half links are available upon request to assist you with sizing if needed.

PANZERA 30 Day Returns

You can return any PANZERA watch purchased from us within 30 Days after receiving it for a refund.


To return any watch you can lodge a “Request to Return” by clicking on the 30 Day Returns link found on our Contact Us page: Contact Us

After lodging your “Return Request” a PANZERA consultant will reach out to you, usually in one business day, to guide you through the steps outlined below.

  • Proof of Purchase: You will need to provide us with a copy of your original order invoice or bank receipt if requested so we know you bought it from us and it is not more than the allowable 30 Days time period. It would be great if you could also send us a photo showing us the condition of the watch and packaging.
  • Shipping: You are responsible for the cost of shipping the watch back to us in original condition and packaging and ensuring we receive it. Therefore, we recommend using a shipping method with a tracking method.
  • Inspection: Once we receive the returned watch one of our watchmakers will inspect the watch thoroughly to ensure the watch and packaging is in original condition.
  • Refund: Assuming everything is fine, a refund for the amount you paid to us, less any duties and taxes outside of Australia, will be processed within 10 business days via the same method used as the original payment method only. If the watch is found not to be in original condition we will refund you this amount less any costs required to refurbish the watch to original condition.