Congratulations on your purchase of a fine PANZERA timepiece. This guide contains information about how to operate your timepiece as well as information about the PANZERA 2 Year International Warranty. Please ensure you read this guide carefully prior to using your new timepiece. We trust that you will experience many years of enjoyment and pride of ownership with your PANZERA timepiece. In the event that you require after sales service you can contact our support team by following the instructions contained in this guide. Thank-you for your purchase and we welcome you to the PANZERA community!




Unscrew the TOP crown and gently pull it away from the case into position “2” .


Power up the watch mechanism by rotating the crown in a clockwise direction for 40 full turns. (You cannot over-wind the watch)


Gently pull the crown away from the case into position “3” . Rotate the crown in an anti-clockwise direction to adjust the DATE.Avoid changes to the DATE between 8pm to 4am as it can causepermanent damage to the movement.


Gently pull the crown away from the case into position “4” . To adjust the time rotate the crown in a clock-wise direction.


Once all changes are complete push the crown back to position “1” and gently push and screw the crown into the case to ensure the watchremains water tight, and to protect the crown stem.


Unscrew the LOWER crown and gently pull it away from the case into position “6”


Rotate the LOWER crown in an anti-clockwise direction to adjust the position of the internal rotating bezel.


Once all changes are complete push the LOWER crown back to position “5” and gently push and screw the crown into the case to ensure the watchremains water tight, and to protect the crown stem.


When a mechanical watch is not worn for a period of time, it’spower reserve (in this case 40 hours) is exhausted. To restart the watch,return the crown to position “2” and manually wind the watch byrotating the crown for 40 full turns. This will ensure the power reserve has sufficient power to operate normally. (you cannot overwind the watch)


Avoid changing the date between 8pm – 4am as the date wheel is already starting to advance to the next date. Forcing a date change during this time can  cause permanent damage to the movement. To make a date change during this time  please move the time outside of 8pm-4am, then change the date and finally set the time.


Can I wear my watch whilst swimming?

Refer to the below chart to determine the water resistance capabilities of your watch. All PANZERA watches have the water resistance level engraved on the back of the watch.

How do I know whether my watch is in the AM or PM cycle?

To ensure your watch is set to AM/PM; set the dateusing the rapid change function, to one day before the current date. Then adjust the time forwards until the date changes to thecurrent date. You are now in the AM cycle. Continue to move the time forwards to the desired time.

Can I shake my watch to make it operate?

NO. At all times avoid shaking, extended vibration or impact to the watch as it can cause permanent damage to the movement.

How to power up my mechanical watch?

To power your watch, use the crown (winder knob) by rotating it in a clockwise direction at least 40 full rotations for full power equivalent to approximately 40 hours of continuous operation. If you wear your watch throughout the day the automatic rotor contained in your watch movement will rotate with the movement of your wrist. This gentle movement of the automatic rotor will ensure that the power in your watch is maintained to at least the level that you achieved by winding the watch with the crown.

Can I wear my watch whilst playing sports?

As a matter of principle, you should avoid strong vibrations and impacts that can occur when playing sport. A wristwatch is a precision instrument and repeated vibration and impacts can damage the movement permanently.

Can I wear my watch in the shower?

No, as a general rule it is advisable to avoid wearing your watch in the shower. The steam produced by hot showers adversely affects the rubber case seals (gaskets) and increases the possibility of condensation and water penetrating the watch case which can cause permanent damage to the movement and watch. It will also reduce the longevity and general effectiveness of the rubber watch seals (gaskets).

My watch is damaged. How can I get it fixed?

If your watch is damaged, please submit a Service Request by visiting: .Your request will be allocated to our support team, and a PANZERA support specialist will be assigned to personally assist you. Please allow one business day to receive a response to your request from the support team.

How to operate a screw-down crown?

Many PANZERA watch models use a screw down crown to ensure added water resistance as well as to reduce the possibility of damage to the crown and crown stem. For these models it is critical that the crown is always screwed firmly into the case when not making adjustments to the watch.


How to operate the luminous function on my watch?

PANZERA watches use super-luminova paint on the hands and indexes to allow the time to be read in the dark. See this video below for a demonstration on how to charge the luminous paint on your watch.



Electromagnetic Inference – Important Warning!

Avoid contact with electro magnetic fields such as clock radios, stereo speakers, microwave ovens and other items that produce magnetic fields as they can interfere with the accuracy of your watch. If your watch is running noticeably fast it is possible that it has come into contact with an electro-magnetic field. In this situation please follow the steps below to rectify this issue: 1. Allow the watch to fully power down. 2. Reset the time and fully power the watch 3. Observe the time over the next 1-2 days  If the issue is not resolved using the above procedure the watch can be de-magnetised by any reputable watch repairer. The process to professionally demagnetise a watch is very simple and takes about 30 seconds to 1 minute to perform. The watch should then be observed for at least one day to test.

How can I clean my rubber strap?

With the popularity of light colour rubber straps keeping them clean can be a concern. The acidity of your skin and perspiration can cause discolouration. Apple watch owners with light/bright straps have the same issues. Below is a video on how to clean these types of straps using a Magic Eraser sponge which works well.